Dynamics CRM 365 Business Rules

Here are the steps involved in creating Business Rules in Dynamics CRM 365.

1. I’ve created a custom form called New Form which includes fields such as Form Status and Phone.


Now let’s say we want to make Phone field mandatory when Form Status value is “In Progress”.

To do this, go to Settings, and then Customization, and then click on Solutions.


2. Click on the solution you want to add the Business Rules. In this case, I’ve created my own custom solution called, “TazSolutions”.

3. And then expand the Entities menu, and then select your entity. And then select and click on your Form. In this case, I’ve created a my own custom entity called, “TazCompany.”, and I’ve created a new Form called, “New Form”.


4. When opening the Form in design mode, then click on Business Rules on the menu, and then New Business Rules.


4. Click on Condition action.


5. Set condition to Form Status is equal to In Progress, and then click Apply


6. Add Set Business Required action.


7. Set Phone to Business Required, and then click Apply.


8. Then add another Set Business Required.


8. Set Phone to Not Business Required, and then click Apply.

9. Now you can Save the Business Rule.

10. and then click on Activate.


11. Now go back to the form you set the Business Rules, and then create a New Form.

And you will notice that Phone is not required when Form Status is not in progress, but when form Status is In Progress, the Phone is then required.

Form Status not In Progress


Form Status In Progress









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