Adding SharePoint Reusable Workflow to Content Type

One good reason to add a workflow to a Content Type instead of directly to the SharePoint List, is when using a Document Set Content Type. Say if Document Set Content Type had at least 3 documents, then if we want to configure the workflow to send email notification that when Document Set is created, if we were to create the workflow at the SharePoint List level, then at least 3 email notification will be sent out when Document Set is created (1 email for each document within the Document Set), however if we create the workflow at the Document Set Content Type level, then only 1 email will be sent when Document Set is created.

There might be many other reason’s why workflow is required at the Content Type level, then directly in the SharePoint List level.

One preferred way to create workflow at the content type level is to create a reusable workflow.

Depending on which Workflow tool you are using (SharePoint Designer Workflow, Nintex Workflow, K2 Workflow or AgilePoint Workflow), each way has it’s own steps of creating a reusable workflow. In this example, we will be using a simple Nintex Reusable Workflow.

Here are the steps involved:

1. Create a reusable workflow, in this example, by click on the circle icon, Nintex Workflow 2013, and then Create Reusable Workflow Template (for new Reusable Workflow).


2. Give the workflow a Title (or Name), in this case we’ll call it, “My Reusable Workflow”.


3. And we’ll just add one Send notification action in this workflow.


4. And then configure the Send notification action, and then click Save:


5. And then Publish the Workflow.


6. Now go to the Content Type in the Document Library, in this case we have a Document Set Content Type already created.

To find out how to create Document Set, please view the blog:

Create SharePoint 2013 Document Sets

7. Click on the content type


8. Click on Workflow settings


9. Click on Add a Workflow


10. In workflow section, select My Reusable Workflow, and in Start Options, check Creating a new item will start this workflow, and type in the name of the workflow, in this case “My First Reusable Workflow”, and then click OK.


11. Now go back to document library, and add a new document set:


12. And give the document set a name, create the new document set.


13. And now the document set workflow has been executed, and an email has been sent.






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