Create a Nintex Workflow in SharePoint Online 365

Developing Nintex on-premises and developing Nintex Online 365 has some similarity and some differences.

For example, installation of Nintex Workflow and / or Nintex Forms is no longer required in SharePoint Online, as Nintex is now available as an app.

Assuming we have a SharePoint List called Staff Details, with at least 3 fields:

Field Name Data Type
FirstName Single line of text
LastName Single line of text
FullName Single line of text


The steps involved in creating a Nintex Workflow in SharePoint Online 365 are:

1. Click on Site contents


2. Click on New, and then select App.


3. click on SharePoint Store


4. Search for Nintex, and then click on Nintex Workflow for Office 365, and add the app to the SharePoint site. This might take a while to add the app.


5. Go back to the SharePoint List, Staff Details, and you should see Nintex Workflow link. Click on Nintex Workflow.


6. You will get a dialog box appearing about the trial version, just click on GO TO THE DESIGNER


7. And click on New list workflow


8. You will now see you design mode of Nintex Workflow.


9. Select Insert Action, then Libraries and List, and then Update List Item


10. Click on the Update List Item drop down menu, and select Configure


11. For the options, in the:

Target List: Select Current Item

List Item Properties: Select FullName

then click Add.


12. From Item Properties, select FirstName and LastName


And your FullName field should look like the following:


13. Then click Save.

14. Click on Settings in the ribbon menu.


15. And type in your workflow name, in this case, Staff Details Workflow, and then check, Start When items are created, and then click Save.


16. Then click on Publish, and then Publish the Workflow.


17. Go back to your Staff Details SharePoint List, and create a new item.

And type in all the details, except for FullName, and then click Save.


18. And then you will notice the Nintex Workflow has updated the FullName.




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