Deploying InfoPath Forms to SharePoint Online 365

Deployment of InfoPath Forms in SharePoint Online 365 is somewhat similar to deploying on SharePoint on-premises, however with a few minor changes.

Here are the steps to deploy InfoPath on SharePoint Online 365:

1. In InfoPath Forms, open Blank Form.


2. In the header of the form, type in Employee Details.

3. Then add a table. To start off with, add 2 rows, and 4 columns.


4. In the field, right click myFields, and add two fields to start off with:

FirstName, and LastName.


5. Add the fields to the form:


6. Then save the form by clicking on File in the ribbon, then Save, and give it an appropriate name, in this case:



7. Then click on File, then Publish, and then SharePoint Server.


8. Insert URL of your SharePoint Online 365 site.


Note: You might get a pop up message at this step saying:

The feature requires SharePoint Server 2010 or greater with InfoPath Forms Services enabled

Please refer to the blog below to resolve this issue:

The feature requires SharePoint Server 2010 or greater with InfoPath Forms Services enabled

9. Then it will prompt you to insert username and password, and then click on Sign in.


10. Then select Form Library, and click Next.


11. Then select Create a new form library, and click next.

12. Then type in name of Form Library and click next, in this case:

Employee Details


13. Keep on clicking next, until you see the Publish button.


14. And then click on Publish.

15. Then check Open this form library…, and then click close.


16. A browser will open in SharePoint Online 365 to the Employee Details Forms Library, click on New button.


17. Then the form should now be opened in SharePoint Online 365.





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