Dynamics CRM 365: How to add Contacts

In Dynamic CRM 365, the 2 main entities referred to most other entities is the Contacts and the Accounts. Contacts can be most likely treated as clients in some circumstances, so with any data modelling in Dynamics CRM, contacts generally comes into the picture.


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Here are the steps involved in Creating Contacts in Dynamic 365.

1. From the home page of Dynamics 365, click on Sales > Contacts


2. Click on the New button


3. The Contact form is opened, and the selected details can be completed, such as:

Contact Information, Personal Details, Marketing Details,  Billing Details, Personal Notes, Contact Preferences, Shipping details


4. First details that needs to be inserted is the Contact Information.

By Default, the fields Dynamic CRM comes with are fields such as:

Full Name, Job Title, Account Name, Email, Business Phone, Mobile Phone, and Preferred Method of Contact, Address, Facebook, Twitter, Kiout Score.


5. Once completed all the details, click on the Save button, and then contact is created.


6. Once clicked on Save button, go back to to Contact list (shown in step 1), when we search the contact list in the search box, the contact person is now listed in the contact list



For any assistant, please email us: bizloadsolutions@gmail.com



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